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The S.S. Great Britain prepares for Winston!

Murder Mystery witnessed on Bristol based Ship

murder-on the pier

Hushed whispers and knowing looks across the room were the order of the day as the villagers of Alldown-on-the-Rasel prepared for a secret visit from the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, to view the latest invention as part of the war effort to thwart the Axis powers – ‘The Great Panjandrum’.


But all was not well, the rocket scientist looked decidedly dodgy and before anyone knew it, he was staggering along the ships wonderful stateroom, gasping for breath, before crashing to the floor. Murder By Design were at it again and another murderous production was underway for the general public on board Brunel’s maritime masterpiece the s.s. Great Britain.


Almost 100 people witnessed the wartime story unfold before their eyes and by the end of the evening more bodies turned up but everyone thankfully left safe in the knowledge that the murderer had been apprehended.


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