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Publishers Party turns into Murder Mystery in Bristol

murder-mystery-dinnerLast week a popular Bristol venue turned back the hands of time to 1937 to host a lavish company VIP party. It was time for another fabulous Murder Mystery Dinner in Bristol. The famous publisher Martyn Packard choose Cadbury House near Bristol to celebrate 10 glorious years of his hugely successful publishing company, Packard publishing.

Members of the general public were able to attend this very special occasion and after arrival drinks enjoy a fabulous three course meal in the company of Martyn Packard and all of his famous authors. This included the action thriller writer Cobb Hollow and romantic novelist Millicent Johnson.

However true to the style of a classic murder mystery there was very little to celebrate. By the end of the evening three of Mr Packard’s celebrity authors endured a terrible death. All in the manner as depicted in their famous books!

Fortunately PC Bailey from Exeter was on hand to investigate and with much help from members of the general public, was able to apprehend and arrest the murderer.

The evening was certainly eventful, so much so that perhaps someone should write a book about it!

The next evening of murder,mystery and intrigue at Cadbury House,Bristol is on the 28th August 2015.

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